MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

High performance computing with MATLAB on the cloud

Session Start Time End Time
Webex 23 Feb 2023, 05:00 EST 23 Feb 2023, 06:00 EST
Webex 23 Feb 2023, 12:00 EST 23 Feb 2023, 13:00 EST


Cloud technology has opened the door to accessing a broad range of software and hardware at scale. Typical use cases are optimizing code performance or processing very large data sets.

The complexity of your implementation depends on the type of problem. Running many completely independent simulations in parallel “just” requires powerful hardware. For more complex problems, you might need separate processors that are completely in-sync and constantly communicate.

MATLAB Parallel Server allows you to scale MATLAB programs to clusters and clouds independent of the complexity of your application. Watch this online seminar to get an overview of how you can construct an auto-scaling cluster that makes efficient use of your resources and how to construct your code accordingly.


  • Parallel computing tools to speed up your code
  • Creating an elastic cluster on the cloud
  • Coding advice for cloud computing

About the Presenter

Dr. Eduard Benet Cerda is a Senior Application Engineer at MathWorks advising customers in the development and deployment of financial applications. His focus areas are large scale applications leveraging cloud technologies for data storage, computational speed, or production and development environments. Eduard joined MathWorks in 2018 after finishing a PhD at the University of Colorado in computational mechanics. 

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