MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Introduction to MATLAB – Hands-on workshop using MATLAB Online


MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation.

During this introductory hands-on workshop, we will provide an overview of MATLAB and introduce you to the powerful statistical analysis and visualization capabilities available in the MATLAB product family. We will demonstrate how to acquire, analyze and visualize data, introduce desktop tools for editing and debugging code, and show you how to publish your results.


  • Accessing data from files
  • Visualizing data in different ways
  • Performing mathematical modeling (regression and classification)
  • Using interactive tools in MATLAB and automatically generating code (low code approach)
  • Creating reports/applications to share your work

About the Presenter

Dr. Ayon Kumar Dey

With over 15 years of energy industry experience spanning 3 continents working for multinational operators, service companies, and national oil companies, Ayon is an applied scientist focused on physics-and-data-driven value-chain analysis. Leveraging a diversity of experiences in research, data acquisition and processing, and interpretation, his “Artificial Intelligence PLUS Applied Science” approach delivers a learning environment for non-specialists that: builds networks and relationships; shares knowledge; and builds support via open-minded collaboration. Educated in mathematics, geoscience, and physics in Canada and Europe, Ayon completed his doctoral dissertation at Delft University of Technology in Applied Physics on a multi-scale physics-based regression approach to estimate material earth properties.

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