Build Something! MATLAB and Simulink for Hardware Projects


Working with hardware has become a foundational skill for today’s engineering students, and if you haven’t had to program an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other board yet it’s probably just a matter of time before you will.  

These boards can be used to build all kinds of fun and engaging robots and gadgets, and provide you a hands-on way to apply concepts learned in class. 


  • Use MATLAB and Simulink to model, simulate and generate code targeting hardware
  • Mobile Rover that follows path instructions and moves objects with forklift
  • Self-balancing Motorcycle that remains upright on varying terrain
  • Automatic guitar tuner that uses audio processing and a servo motor to tune a guitar  

Who Should Attend

Students, academics, teachers, hardware enthusiasts and those keen to learn something new

About the Presenter

Rohit Agrawal, Academia Group, MathWorks Nordic 

Product Focus

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