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A MATLAB-based Regulation Performance Analysis


Regulation (aka. Automatic Generation Control) is the last minute true-up between supply and demand in a Balancing Authority Area.  The objective of Regulation in a multi-BA interconnection is to maintain the Area Control Error within acceptable bounds of magnitude and character.  Resources that are assigned to provide Regulation follow a centrally sensed and calculated AGC setpoint.  It is important to have a reasonably good estimate for the amount of Regulation that will be required in any given time-period in order to assign enough resources to this task.  There are several variables influencing the required Regulation capacity, which makes the analysis somewhat complicated.  To date ISO New England uses a graphical retrospective analysis for this task. Matlab’s analysis and visualization capabilities are useful in this context.

About the Presenter

Bill Henson
Principal System Performance and Integration Engineer
ISO New England, USA

Bill Henson, MSc. is ISO New England’s Principal System Performance and Integration Engineer.  He has served in a variety of system performance and integration issues including: working as ISO’s principal investigator for the New England Wind Integration Study, and the development of ISO’s Energy Neutral AGC Dispatch algorithm, as well as integration of operational wind forecasting.  He is the principal author of ISO New England wind and solar specific operating procedures; has authored several refereed articles regarding renewable energy and enabling technology; and has served on the independent technical review committee for several renewables integration studies.  He serves on the NERC Resources Subcommittee and the Control Performance Working Group of the Northeast Power Coordinating Council. His work in system control performance focuses on the mitigation of variability and uncertainty in the demand and supply side balance in order to ensure reliable system operation for ISO-NE.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Science from the University of Florida, USA, and an International Master’s of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands.  He has been a frequent Matlab and Simulink user since the previous century.

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