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MATLAB Grader Workshop


The ongoing digital transformation of education is dramatically impacting how courses are developed, how students learn, and what content needs to be taught to engineers of the future. These challenges are pushing many Universities to adopt new technologies which will have a tremendous impact on student learning success.

The Campus-Wide License at the University of Belgrade opens access to several tools like MATLAB Grader for automated assessments, self-paced online trainings, Live Scripts to create interactive notebooks and many others. These tools can help lecturers in fostering active learning by creating interactive MATLAB assignments and by automatically grading student works in any learning environment.

In this webinar, attendees will learn more about MATLAB Grader and the Online Training Suite which is available to every student and staff member at the University of Belgrade. A simple demo will show-case the usage of these tools in courses supported by MathWorks world-wide. Interested participants will be welcome to follow-up with Gamax and MathWorks Academia Team in order to integrate these tools in their teaching activities.


  • Campus-Wide License at University of Belgrade
  • Online Training Suite
  • MATLAB Grader
  • DEMO
  • Collaboration with Gamax and MathWorks Academia Team

Who Should Attend

Lecturers dealing with the creation and the related assessment of MATLAB-based exercises. All lecturers interested in integrating MATLAB-based exercises in the current (or next) semester are also highly encouraged to participate in the meeting. The Gamax and MathWorks Academia Team can actively support your curriculum integration.

MATLAB Grader Workshop

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