MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

MATLAB Technologies for Teaching at a CWL University


Welcome to the Campus-Wide License (CWL) community! Your university has recently become one of 2,000+ universities around the world to give unlimited access to all its faculty and students to all of the most recent tools and software developed by MathWorks for teaching and research.

Please join the MathWorks Academic Team dedicated to supporting Campus-Wide License universities in your country to learn about the latest teaching and learning tools, resources and support that are now available to you and to your students.  


  • MATLAB services to support Hybrid Teaching and Learning
  • Online teaching tools: MATLAB Online, MATLAB Drive, MATLAB Mobile, Online Training
  • Available courseware material
  • Should I use my lecture time to teach MATLAB?
  • Automatic assessment of MATLAB-based exercise
    • Course creation
    • Integration with Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc...
    • How to provide feedback from distance
  • MATLAB Apps, Virtual Labs, Hardware Projects
  • Make MATLAB available to your students

Who Should Attend

Professors, Lecturers, Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Students involved in teaching of any science, engineering or mathematics course either already using or intending to use MATLAB in their teaching activities.

Additional Resources and Training:


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