MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

MathWorks Energy Speaker Series 2021

Solving challenges in the electric power industry using MATLAB & Simulink


Artificial intelligence and Digital Twins are set to transform the nature of work in the power industry. They have an important role in the planning and operation of power systems. These technologies can be deployed for smart grids, smart city, smart homes, power system security, load estimations, virtual power plants, predictive maintenance, energy forecasting, energy storage, electric vehicles, and other key applications. Artificial intelligence and Digital Twins enable the active management that will be required for the grid of the future, such as balancing grids, managing demand, negotiating actions, enabling self-healing, and facilitating a host of new products and services.

MathWorks has been working with global leaders in the Energy and Utilities Industry to accelerate the pace of engineering and science to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time. This Program provides an opportunity for researchers and industry practitioners, using MATLAB® and Simulink®, to showcase and discuss their state-of-the-art innovations in the areas of generation, transmission, distribution, and smart grid technologies.

Topics include:

  • AI Applications in Power Systems
  • Digital Twins
  • Renewables and Energy Storage Integration
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Grid Analytics
  • Power System Optimization
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management


  • To present and discuss the potential of AI, ML and Digital Twins applications in Utilities and Renewable Energy Industry.
  • To present the state-of-the-art technologies and tools in MATLAB and Simulink relevant for Power & Energy applications.
  • To discuss and present successful Case Studies implemented by leading organizations globally.


Date Topic  
September 14th  Machine-learning Applications for Bulk Power Grids Operation with High Penetration of Renewable Energy Register
September 22nd Development of the Wave Energy Converter Simulator (WEC-Sim) to Support the International Wave Energy Industry Register
September 29th Predictive Maintenance in Hydroelectric Plants – A Digital Twin of a Generating Unit Speed Governor Register
October 6th Energy Storage Systems: A Flexible Grid Asset Register
October 7th Integrating EVs@Scale with the Electric Grid Register
October 13th A MATLAB-based Regulation Performance Analysis Register
October 19th Dynamic Security Assessment of the Ecuadorian Electric Power System using MATLAB - SIMULINK:
Applications of Real Time Digital Simulation and Machine Learning
October 27th Transient Stability Assessment of Electric Power Systems using Predictive-SIME based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Register
October 28th Making predictions of the electricity demand in the short-term using Artificial Intelligence in MATLAB Register
November 3rd Health Monitoring of Distribution Transformers using Machine Learning Technology Register
November 4th Digitization Strategy - Lessons learnt and results from development of an IoT and Data Analytics platform for Energy Forecasting and Utility Asset Performance Management Register
November 10th Development of State-of-the-Art Power Plant Controllers for Energy Storage Applications Register
November 17th Gas Turbine Digital Twin for Performance Diagnostics and Optimization Register
November 18th Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Main Bearings Register
December 1st Virtual commissioning for Wind Farms using Hybrid models: A digitization approach Register