MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Parallel and Distributed Computing with MATLAB


This event is organized with the collaboration of the Laboratory for Advanced Computing at University of Coimbra.

Using the Parallel Computing capabilities in MATLAB allows users to take advantage of additional hardware resources that may be available either locally on their desktop or on clusters, clouds, and grids. By using more hardware, you can reduce the cycle time for your workflow and solve computationally and data-intensive problems faster.

In this session, you will be introduced to parallel and distributed computing in MATLAB for speeding up your application and offloading work.  By working through common scenarios and workflows, you will gain an understanding of the parallel constructs in MATLAB, their capabilities, and some of the typical issues that arise when using them.


  • Leveraging multiple cores or CPUs
  • Working with high-level constructs—parallel for-loops, special array types, and parallelized numerical algorithms.
  • Scaling up to utilize clusters, grids and clouds
  • Utilizing tall and distributed arrays to work with large data sets
  • GPU Computing with MATLAB

Who Should Attend

The event is open to researchers, PhD students, students and professors of Portuguese universities and research institutes, interested in advancing the pace of their research by using parallel computing strategies.

About the Presenter

Lucas García is a Senior Application Engineer for Artificial Intelligence at MathWorks (creators of MATLAB), working with engineers and scientists across industries (aerospace, automotive, research, industrial automation, energy and utilities, oil and gas, robotics, etc.) to help them tackle their real-world problems in AI. Such problems vary from training Deep Neural Networks and using Computer Vision algorithms to support Automated Driving or Robotics workflows, developing an incremental learning algorithm for Health Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance applications in the cloud, to cleaning a messy dataset.


Time Title


Welcome and Introduction, Pedro V Alberto, Laboratory for Advanced Computing - University of Coimbra


Introduction to Parallel and Distributed Computing with MATLAB, Lucas García, MathWorks


Virtual coffee break


Advanced Parallel and Distributed Computing topics with MATLAB, Lucas García, MathWorks


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