Rapid Controls Prototyping & Hardware-in-the-Loop with MATLAB/Simulink


This session will demonstrate the use of real-time simulation for rapidly developing and testing control design for medical devices. We will present an approach for performing real-time tests directly from models in Simulink with Simulink Real-Time, and connect these tests to hardware for realistic functional testing of a control system. 


  • Create a real-time application from a Simulink model, step-by-step
  • Connect and interact with hardware such as actuators and sensors
  • Log data and tune parameters while running in real-time
  • Automate real-time testing with the power of MATLAB
  • Create graphical user interfaces for real-time testing

About the Presenter

Sam has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering (Fluid Dynamics) from Syracuse University and a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering (Combustion) from Georgia Institute of Technology. Before joining The MathWorks in May 2007, he worked for 14 years in the aerospace industry where he was involved in Hardware-in-the-Loop testing of guidance, navigation, and control systems, including real-time, closed-loop simulation incorporating sensors such as GPS, accelerometers, gyros, and autopilots.

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