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RF board and antenna design with MATLAB


Learn about new workflows for RF and mmWave board design including antennas. In this presentation, we will introduce RF PCB Toolbox for the design of planar distributed components such as feed and matching networks, filters, and couplers. We will show how to analyze a PCB including antennas and optimize the design for your wireless application. Finally, we will discuss a prototyping workflow based on PCB database import/export and Gerber files generation.  


  • Design and customization of planar components such as inductors, capacitors, couplers and splitters 
  • EM analysis of PCBs operating at RF and mmWave frequencies 
  • Integration of planar antennas on PCBs 
  • PCB fabrication via Gerber files import / export 

About the Presenter

Giorgia Zucchelli is the product marketing manager for RF and mixed-signal at MathWorks. Before joining MathWorks in 2009 as an application engineer focusing on signal processing and communications systems with specialization in analog simulation, Giorgia worked for two years at NXP Semiconductors on mixed-signal verification methodologies. Before then, she worked for Philips Research, where she contributed to the development of system-level models for innovative telecommunication systems. Giorgia has a master’s degree in electronic engineering and a doctorate in electronic engineering for telecommunications from the University of Bologna. Her thesis dealt with modeling high-frequency RF devices.

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RF board and antenna design with MATLAB

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