Scale Up Applications to Big Data in the Cloud using MATLAB


Do you need to process more data, use more computing power, and deploy the result to share with more people? Join this complimentary seminar to learn how to effortlessly scale applications.  We will discuss how you can scale up applications built in MATLAB and Simulink: to higher speeds, more data, and more users. We will also give special attention to how the cloud could play a role in many of these areas.  There is no previous experience required in deployment and cloud technology.


  • Speeding up your application through strategies such as parallel computing
  • Enabling big data for your application so it can process data that's too big for memory
  • Selecting the right deployment strategy to share your application
  • Leveraging the cloud for application creation using MATLAB
  • Deploying, accelerating and sharing your application on the cloud 

Who Should Attend

Users who are interested in scaling applications to more data, more speed and more users
Users who want to know more about deployment of your applications to the cloud

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