MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Industrial Robotics Solutions using MATLAB Webinar Series


Join our upcoming webinars to learn about designing, simulating, and deploying autonomous industrial robots. We will walk you through the tools and algorithms that enables autonomy in robotics systems including perception, motion planning, and applying AI using MATLAB and Simulink. These webinars are perfect for Robotics Software Engineers, System Integrators, Sensing and Control Engineers, and Automation Program Managers.

In the first webinar, gain insights on deploying cobot applications such as intelligent bin picking through model-based systems engineering. The second webinar will focus on robot manipulators workflows including capabilities such as scalable physics simulation, perception algorithm design, motion planning for obstacle avoidance, and hardware connectivity through ROS deployment. The third webinar will feature deep learning and reinforcement learning techniques to detect, classify objects while controlling robot motion. Using MATLAB and Simulink, attendees will learn how to implement optimal design, test, and deployment methods, making it possible to adopt AI successfully and reduce development time.  

Date Topic
14 Sep 2023

Design and Deploy Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Applications using MATLAB

YJ Lim, MathWorks
Ankur Bose, MathWorks
Watch video (50:29)
28 Sep 2023

Design Industrial Robot Applications from Perception to Motion

YJ Lim, MathWorks
Hannes Daepp, MathWorks
Watch video (51:35)
12 Oct 2023

Applying AI to Enable Autonomy in Robotics Using MATLAB

YJ Lim, MathWorks
Tohru Kikawada, MathWorks
Watch video (57:42)
Industrial Robotics Solutions using MATLAB and Simulink Webinar Series