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Simulink for System Modeling and Simulation


Modeling and simulating dynamic systems are of increasing importance with the needs for complex technologies such as automated driving, robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicles.  Designing and building these technologies using traditional engineering processes often lead to waste due to unsuccessful prototypes, errors in translating static documents to design, and discoveries of system design errors late in the process, requiring expensive rework.

In this session you will learn how Simulink allows you to create graphical models to model, simulate, and analyze multidomain dynamical systems. You will see how to build simulation models using Simulink’s block diagramming interface, customizable set of libraries, and connectivity to MATLAB.

Through live demonstrations and examples, you will see how Simulink can help you become more effective in your coursework as well as in research. This session is targeted at students, faculty, and researchers who are new to Simulink. However, experienced Simulink users may also benefit from the session, as the MathWorks engineer will be covering some tips and tricks from the latest releases.

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  • Building and simulation of dynamic systems using equation-based modeling
  • Modeling and simulating a vehicle powertrain model
  • Designing and simulating closed loop PID and supervisory control algorithms
  • Viewing simulation results
  • Sharing your results with others by automatically creating reports
  • Examples of different Simulink applications
  • Going the extra mile: code generation, deployment, and xIL

Who Should Attend

Educators, Researchers, Students, Racing Teams

About the Presenter

Gen Sasaki is a Customer Success Engineer at the MathWorks, working to make sure university educators and students get the most out of MATLAB.  He does this through activities such as the introduction of new features to coursework and research, collaboration on the development of MATLAB-related curriculum, and bridging skills learned in a university setting with their application in industry.

He holds a BSME and MSME with a focus on control systems.  He worked mostly in automotive applications for nearly 30 years, including at major Tier-1 suppliers like Bosch and Delphi.

Simulink for System Modeling and Simulation

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