Using MATLAB and Simulink to Model Dynamic Systems


Texas A&M University High Performance Research Computing and MathWorks is pleased to invite you to a complimentary MATLAB seminar. Faculty, staff, researchers and students are all welcome to attend. 

Engineering teams face many challenges when developing today's complex engineering systems.  Engineers must understand the interactions between mechanical, electrical, and digital subsystems and the environment.  They must develop sensor technology, perception algorithms, and controls as an integrated platform and deploying these capabilities as hardware and embedded software. 

Model-Based Design can help address these challenges.  MATLAB and Simulink allow engineers to develop system-level models in a multi-domain simulation environment and take their models from concept to implementation.  This session introduces Simulink as a graphical environment for engineering dynamic systems and a platform for Model-Based Design.


  • Engineering System Development
    • Traditional approach
    • Model-Based Design
    • Industry Applications of Model-Based Design
  • Simulink and Model-Based Design
    • Introduction to the Simulink Environment
    • Understanding Basic Modeling Constructs
    • Creating Model Hierarchy

Registration closed