MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

UVA & MATLAB Technical Sessions

Brown Science & Engineering Library Classroom in Clark Hall, University of Virginia


Session 1: Top Ten Productivity Tools in MATLAB

MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment for data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. Using MATLAB, you can reach solutions faster and easier than with spreadsheets or traditional programming languages, such as C/C++ or Java.

In this technical session, we present and discuss ways to increase your productivity and effectiveness using MATLAB.  We demonstrate and share best practices for exploring, analyzing and visualizing your data, and how to quickly develop algorithms and share results with your colleagues.

Highlights include:

  • Importing data into MATLAB from a variety of file formats
  • Creating and customizing plots to visualize and understand your data
  • Analyzing, profiling and debugging MATLAB code to maximize performance
  • Publishing custom reports to save time and effort in sharing your work
  • Discovering new MATLAB features

Session 2:  Optimizing and Accelerating your MATLAB Applications

In this session, we will demonstrate simple ways to improve and optimize your code that can boost execution speed by orders of magnitude.  We will also address common pitfalls in writing MATLAB code, explore the use of the MATLAB Profiler to find bottlenecks, and introduce the use of Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server to solve computationally and data-intensive problems on multicore computers and clusters. 

Highlights include:

  • Understanding memory usage and vectorization in MATLAB
  • Addressing bottlenecks in your programs
  • Optimizing file I/O to streamline your code
  • Transitioning from serial to parallel MATLAB programs
  • Executing applications on a multiprocessor workstation
  • Scaling up to a computer cluster, grid environment or cloud

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