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When MATLAB algorithms leave their development environment


You’ve reached an important milestone of your modelling work. You have created an application or a model that is ready to be shared with others, ready to deliver results as part of an automated process, or ready to scale up using larger compute power. In any of those cases, your code will no longer be executed on your (local) development environment but will be deployed on a server which is potentially hosted on the cloud.

The choice of your execution platform depends on your use case. For computationally intense calculations, you might want to access a remote compute cluster with many CPUs, or a powerful graphics card. You might want to provide a point-and-click interface to let your users focus on problem solving, and not the algorithm. Alternatively, your code could be executed upon specific calls by other software, maybe as a part of a larger production system, or it is a mix of all.

MathWorks provides a set of tools to facilitate these deployment workflows. Watch this webinar to get an overview of the various options. Subsequent episodes will provide deeper dives and live demonstrations of specific examples.


  • Integrate your applications into existing IT infrastructure and production systems
  • Provide access to your algorithms through powerful user interfaces
  • Leverage (cloud) hardware to optimize code execution performance
  • Control and monitor the access and execution of your applications

About the Presenter

Dr. Alexander Diethert is a senior financial application engineer at MathWorks in Munich, Germany. He is leading a team of technical experts that empower analysts, economists, and IT people around the world to optimize their use of MathWorks technology. Prior to joining MathWorks, Alexander worked as a consultant in the financial services area. Alexander holds a diploma in mathematics and a Ph.D. in physics.

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