Webinar Series

Recorded Webinar Series: Prototyping Motor Controllers on Zynq SoCs Using MATLAB and Simulink

Prototyping Motor Controllers on Zynq SoCs Using MATLAB and Simulink

Xilinx® Zynq® SoC devices have emerged as a new platform for implementing motor and power control systems. Equipped with a powerful dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A9 processor and programmable logic, Zynq SoCs enable a single-chip solution for control systems that previously required multiple chips to implement, and provide opportunities to integrate signal processing and image processing with motor control.

These three videos are from the MathWorks presentation at the Avnet® Zynq Intelligent Drives seminar. In these videos, you will learn how to model control systems targeted for Zynq SoCs and how to use simulation to prove out control algorithms. Using a combination of C and HDL code generation, MathWorks engineers show how to prototype motor controllers on Zynq SoCs from within the Simulink® environment, and how to iterate on a control system design in response to changing system-level requirements, leading to a more robust design.

Topics covered:

  • System modeling using Simulink, Stateflow®, and SimPowerSystems™
  • IP core creation for Zynq using HDL Coder™
  • Generation of C/C++ code executive routines using Embedded Coder®
  • Motor controller prototyping with the Zynq Intelligent Drives Kit from Avnet

Demonstrations feature trapezoidal control of a three-phase brushless DC motor.