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Accelerate A-SPICE compliance with Model-Based Design - Part 1/2 (Systems Engineering Processes)

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12 Oct 2022, 01:30 EDT 12 Oct 2022, 02:30 EDT


This webinar is the first part of a two-parts series on using Model-Based Design to achieve compliance with Automotive SPICE. This part focuses on Systems Engineering Processes.

Automotive SPICE allows organizations across the automotive supply chain to assess and improve the capability levels of their own processes as well as those of their suppliers. Consequently, A-SPICE compliant processes allow suppliers to satisfy and even exceed customer expectations.

To effectively achieve A-SPICE compliance, organizations choose to use Simulink family of products. This is partially because automation capabilities in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) allow engineers to focus on their state-of-the-art products and innovations and leverage tooling support to achieve process quality aspects like traceability, consistency, and documentation.

Starting in R2022a, the IEC Certification Kit provides a mapping document between base practices of engineering processes in automotive SPICE and use cases of Simulink family of products.

In this webinar, we will see how these products work together in a streamlined way to support your A-SPICE compliance efforts when it comes to System Engineering Processes.  

Mr. Peter Abowd from Kugler Maag will join the session to highlight some of the best practices in this space.


  • Achieve A-SPICE compliance with MBSE by performing base practices of system engineering processes 
  • Maintain consistency and traceability across your System architecture design and V&V artifacts with MBSE
  • Ensure continuity of your system and software development artifacts
  • Shift your verification to the left and detect issues as soon as they are introduced throughout the development process
  •  Show evidence for compliance with automatically generated artifacts

About the Presenters

Mohammad Abu-Alqumsan, Product Manager at MathWorks. Mohammad focuses on quality, safety and cybersecurity and consults with industry participants on qualifying tools and developing workflows that comply with popular certification standards such as ISO 26262, SOTIF, IEC 61508, ISO 21434 and Automotive SPICE.

Peter Abowd, CEO of Kugler Maag Cie North America. Peter’s expertise ranges from building successful global embedded software organizations and providing organizational change leadership to guiding teams in implementing practices from ASPICE, functional safety, Agile, software product lines, and CMMI.

Product Focus

Accelerate A-SPICE compliance with Model-Based Design - Part 1/2 (Systems Engineering Processes)

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