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Anomaly Detection using Image Processing and Deep Learning

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7 Dec 2022, 9:00 AM EST 7 Dec 2022, 10:00 AM EST


This session demonstrates an end-to-end MATLAB workflow for developing anomaly detection models in the context of a pill production quality control data set comprising a large collection of images. The objective is to verify the quality of pills using automated visual inspection techniques.

Starting with the raw pill image data, we show how to import and organize the images, develop and fit an anomaly detection model for the pill quality control, and use the model to perform statistical inference on the production process.

Applied mathematical techniques discussed in this session include image processing, deep learning, feature extraction, and the use of autoencoders.


  • Image Processing with MATLAB
  • Automated Visual Inspection
  • Deep Learning with MATLAB
  • Autoencoders

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