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Ask The Expert – AI Workflows in the Cloud with MATLAB


Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS provide a range of opportunities for engineers and scientists to scale up their AI projects - working with bigger data, using more computational resources, and deploying models to integrate with other systems.

In this second session we will answer pre-submitted and live questions on any aspect of using MATLAB in the cloud, from data access through to deployment of your models.

This session will not be recorded. You are welcome to ask questions live or submit questions ahead of the event using this form.

Who Should Attend

Engineers and scientists working on AI or other MATLAB projects which would benefit from scaling up in the cloud, or have a need to integrate their models with other IT systems

Recommended prerequisite webinars

To get the most from this session, we recommend attending the previous webinars in this series or having equivalent knowledge in the area.

About the Presenters

Matt Elliott

Matt is a consultant at MathWorks, working on MATLAB projects in a range of areas, including machine learning, image processing, parallel computing, and enterprise integration. Prior to joining MathWorks in 2017, he completed a PhD in physics, focusing on theory and simulation of superconducting circuits for applications in quantum computing.

Edu Benet Cerda

As a member of the Application Engineering team at MathWorks, Eduard assists customers in the development and deployment of financial applications. Eduard joined MathWorks in 2018 after finishing a PhD at the University of Colorado in computational mechanics. Since then, his focus within the company has been helping MATLAB users scale their applications to leverage the potential of cloud technologies.

Product Focus

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