Australian Academic Webinar Series: Learning & Teaching with Modern MATLAB

Engineering professors are having to quickly adapt to disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, not to mention flipped classrooms, project-based learning, and collaborative learning spaces that are all examples of the evolution in engineering education even prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Join us for a series of live webinars from our Australian academic engineering team, who will walk you through practical roadmaps on how to adapt your curricula and Learning & Teaching strategies with Modern MATLAB.

In each webinar, we will cover how to teach a technical topic using MATLAB and Simulink for a better understanding of concepts and help move your classes online with ready-to-use resources.

Continue to each event page below to view full abstracts and register your place.

Topic Session Date/Time Link to Event Page
Simulink and Simscape Electrical for Research and Teaching 30 March, 12 – 1pm AEST View OnDemand
MATLAB Grader for auto-grading and enhancing blended learning mode (BLM) 27 April, 12 – 1pm AEST View OnDemand
Teaching Rigid Body Dynamics using MATLAB and Computational Thinking 18 May, 12 – 1:30pm AEST View OnDemand
Modern MATLAB for teaching Civil Engineering – 5 things you need to know 19 May, 12 – 1:30pm AEST View OnDemand
Digital transformation and Cloud technology with MATLAB in Learning and Teaching 1 June, 12 – 1pm AEST View OnDemand