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YouTube Livestream: Beyond the Code: Showcasing Your MATLAB Results Like a Pro

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22 Jun 2023, 11:00 EDT 22 Jun 2023, 12:00 EDT


Want to catch people’s attention with your next presentation? Join us live as we discuss impactful ways of sharing MATLAB results with examples from our new free edX course, "MATLAB Essentials." We'll explore the available options together, such as data visualizations, reports, interactive scripts, and apps. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and improve your skills in sharing results effectively.

Learn how to:

  • Export publication-ready data visualizations for presentations and reports
  • Share code in executable scripts, PDFs, and HTML pages
  • Increase interaction and easy-of-use in executable scripts
  • Maximize code accessibility with a customized MATLAB app

Sign up for our MATLAB Essentials course on edX and learn how to create impactful visuals, write interactive scripts, build your own apps, and more!

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About the Presenter

Brian Buechel is a Senior Online Content Developer at MathWorks. He received a Master’s degree from Harvard University in Speech and Hearing Biosciences and Technology. His research focused on the neural mechanisms of binaural hearing with bilateral cochlear implants. Prior to joining MathWorks, he worked at Harvard Medical School, developing online courses with adaptive assessments for the department of Systems Biology.

Nikola Trica is a Principal Online Content Developer at MathWorks with over 15 years of experience. She holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Computer and Systems Engineering and has been with MathWorks since 2006, delivering training to customers in Europe before moving to online content development in 2014. Nikola is an expert in creating engaging learning materials and teaches the popular MATLAB Essentials course on edX, as well as the Practical Data Science specialization on Coursera.

Product Focus

Maximize the Impact of Your MATLAB Results

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