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Part 2: Design and Commissioning of Robots in Smart Factory


The industrial world is changing with the emergence of smart factory. Today’s production machines and handling equipment have become highly integrated mechatronic systems with a significant portion of embedded software. This fact requires several domains –mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering – to work together and evolve the way they design, test, and verify machine software. Only then can they reach the expected level of functionality and quality!

Session highlights:

  • Modeling and simulation of robotic manipulators for ‘Pick & Place’ operation in MATLAB & Simulink
  • Building digital twins for systems composed of conveyor belts and robots
  • Developing closed-loop controllers for increasingly complex systems
  • Virtual commissioning of control systems using digital twins
  • Using optimization techniques to solve trajectory planning problems

About the Presenter

Ramanuja Jagannathan

Ramanuja Jagannathan is an Application Engineer at MathWorks India and works in the fields of control design, physical modelling, and digital twin. He has worked with MathWorks for four years and is interested to hear about challenging engineering problems from customers and help them build digital twin solutions. Before joining MathWorks, he was a Senior Engineer at Larsen and Toubro. He specialized in Process Control Engineering in his master’s programme at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.

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Part 2: Design and Commissioning of Robots in Smart Factory

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