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YouTube Livestream: Explainable AI with MATLAB: Techniques and Tricks


Interested in applying explainable AI techniques? Join Oge Marques, Professor FAU, & Heather Gorr, PhD who will walk through easy ways to get started with XAI in your applications. Learn how and when to use XAI, and see the benefits and downsides of these techniques. Bring your questions for Professor Marques and Heather Gorr, as they demonstrate how to use Explainable AI with MATLAB.  

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About the Presenter

Oge Marques, PhD is a Professor of Engineering and Computer Science at FAU. Oge is a Sigma Xi Distinguished Speaker, book author, and AAAS Leshner Fellow. He also happens to be a MATLAB aficionado and has been using MATLAB in his classroom for more than 20 years. You can also follow him on Twitter (@ProfessorOge)

Heather Gorr holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters and Bachelors of Science in Physics from Penn State University. Since 2013, she has supported MATLAB users in the areas of mathematics, data science, deep learning, and application deployment. She currently acts a Senior Product Marketing Manager for MATLAB, leading technical marketing content in data science, AI, deployment, and advanced MATLAB and Python programming.

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YouTube Livestream: Explainable AI with MATLAB: techniques and tricks

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