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Getting Started with the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset (VDBS)


In this webinar you will learn the basics of the Vehicle Dynamics Blockset (VDBS) and delve into some of the example models. We will present how to use the Unreal Engine to visualize and compare results in an intuitive manner. After exploring the blocks included in the VDBS and the example models, you will learn how to customize these examples to easily optimize an anti-lock braking system for split road driving conditions and how to effectively show the results of the optimized controller. Lastly, we will explore some of the other ways to use VDBS to accelerate the pace of development within automotive and automated driving industries.


  • Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics Blockset (VDBS)
  • Using Unreal Engine for visualizing and comparing results in a virtual 3D environment
  • Customize included full vehicle simulation example for anti-lock braking controller optimization
  • Highlight possible use-cases for VDBS, i.e. Chassis control and ADAS control algorithm testing/development

About the Presenter

Jan Janse van Rensburg:
Before joining MathWorks Jan worked as a researcher in the fields of Active Magnetic Bearings (AMB) and Additive Manufacturing (AM) with a focus on physical systems modelling and empirical validation. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 from the North-West University in South Africa. The focus of his research was on the modelling of rotor delevitation events (RDEs) within AMB levitated systems. Jan was employed as a university lecturer and researcher at North-West University lecturing Mechanical Design and with a research focus on AMBs, AM, Solar Car Modelling and Physical systems modelling.

Lars Krause:
Before joining MathWorks Lars worked in Automotive systems and software for 9 years. Lars’ main focus was on safety-critical real-time applications such as vehicle dynamics control (ABS/ESP), brake-by-wire brake systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, motor control (PMSM), drive train control for eBikes, and variable valve train systems for combustion engines.

Product Focus

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