Interoperability of MATLAB with other programming languages

Date Time
19 May 2021
5:30 AM EDT


While MATLAB is a widely used platform during the research phase to prototype algorithm, several product development lifecycles involve working with frameworks that support other programming languages like C/C++, Java, Python or SystemVerilog.

Code generation is fundamentally changing the way engineers work in semiconductor industry, especially while working on 5G and other complex wireless design environments. Instead of writing thousands of lines of code by hand, engineers are automatically generating production code to increase productivity, improve quality, and foster innovation.

Most product development teams spend a significant amount of effort working on redesigning the algorithms and systems in languages supported by those frameworks either due to some inherent benefits they offer or due to legacy reasons. MATLAB offers a 2-way, flexible interface with other programming languages that will help developers maximize reuse and minimize risks and errors as designs transition from research to development and from one environment to another.

In this webinar, you will learn how MATLAB can be used to enhance product development workflows, be it software or hardware.


  • Generate C/C++ Code for the 5G functionalities
  • Integrating existing code directly into MATLAB for simulation and prototyping
  • Access MATLAB algorithms easily from external IDEs
  • Packaging MATLAB algorithms for scalable deployment in C/C++/Python/Java interfaces
  • Integration and co-existence of MATLAB with hardware IC development tools

About the Presenters

Uvaraj Natarajan, Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks

Uvaraj is a Senior Application Engineer in MathWorks, focusing on the 5G/ LTE/ WLAN/ Wireless communication. Prior to MathWorks, he has worked with Cisco Systems where he worked on Self-Optimizing Networks(SON) for the 5G/ LTE market and developed expertise on end-to-end LTE networks working closely with mobile operators across the globe. He has industry expertise on LTE ENB protocol stack development, LTE PHY development. He has also worked at Centre for Communication Systems Research, UK on cognitive radios, relay systems, LTE-A, CoMP systems. Uvaraj holds a Master's degree in Mobile and Satellite Communications from University of Surrey, UK and BE in Electronics and Communications from Anna University, India.

Vidya Viswanathan, Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks

Vidya Viswanathan is an application engineer at MathWorks India specializing in design and implementation of digital signal processing applications. She works closely with customers across domains to help them adopt MATLAB® and Simulink®. Her areas of interest include FPGA and ASIC design, image processing, and computer vision. Vidya holds a bachelor's degree in electronics and communication engineering from M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology and a master's degree in communication and signal processing from Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad.

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