Introduction to Simulink Online, an Interactive Tool for Simulation and Modelling

Date Time
21 Oct 2020
9:00 AM EDT


You probably know MATLAB, but have you heard about Simulink? Join us for this upcoming webinar where you will be introduced to Simulink, a powerful and interactive tool for simulation and modeling. You will learn all the basics: how to create models and algorithms with Simulink, how to simulate and analyze the results. This webinar will give you a bunch of ideas about how you can use it in your research projects and in teaching.


  • Introduction to the Simulink Graphical Environment
  • Modeling Systems and Algorithms in Simulink
  • How to Simulate and Analyze Results
  • Making Simulink Models Easy to Understand
  • How to create in Simulink
  • What is Model-Based Design?

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at Professors, PhD students & Post-Docs who are interested in Online Teaching.

About the Presenter

Alex Vásquez earned his PhD In Robotics and Intelligent Systems from the Sorbonne University where his research involved the use of machine learning algorithms for tactile object recognition with robotic hands. He has a background in Control Systems and Electrical Engineering. During his career at MathWorks, he has focused on the modeling and control of physical systems.

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