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Linear and Mixed-Integer Linear Programming in MATLAB


Learn how to use the new problem-based approach for specifying and solving linear and mixed-integer linear optimization problems in Release 2017b. This new approach greatly simplifies setting up and running your linear programming (LP) or mixed-integer linear programing (MILP) problems. These problems are commonly encountered in finance, energy, logistics, supply chain and operations research.

Specific topics in this webinar include:

  • Introduction to LP and MILP problems and algorithms
  • Setting up and solving LP and MILP problems
  • Tuning the solver for your application
  • Using LP and MILP in deployed applications

About the Presenter

Mary Fenelon is product marketing manager for the MATLAB optimization products.  Prior to joining MathWorks, Mary worked as a developer and development manager for optimization software. She earned a PhD in Operations Research at Stanford University.

Product Focus

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