Model-Based FPGA and ASIC Design in the Context of Functional Safety

Date Time
22 Jan 2021
4:00 AM EST


In addition to ASICs, FPGAs and SoCs are playing an increasing role across a growing number of systems and applications due to their unique attributes of flexibility, high throughput, low latency and per watt performance.

A key success factor in multidisciplinary FPGA, SoC and ASIC projects is efficient communication and collaboration across teams as well as early validation and verification of the design.
Quickly reacting to changing requirements in dynamic business environments such as autonomous and robotic systems is a significant competitive advantage.
Functional safety requirements impose an additional challenge in automotive, medical, railway and other industries.

In this webinar we discuss an integrated workflow for designing and implementing signal processing, control and vision algorithms on FPGAs, ASICs and SoCs while addressing the above listed challenges. We briefly cover the process from requirements authoring, to architectural modeling, go over modeling for implementation, then to HDL code generation, with verification and validation at each step. We show how the integrated Model-Based Design toolchain helps you streamline compliance with functional safety standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or IEC 62304.


  • Benefits of model-based design for FPGA and ASIC
  • A reference workflow for streamlining certification including:
    • system and hardware architecture modeling
    • model verification and validation
    • HDL code generation
    • equivalence test between model and HDL code  

About the Presenters

Dipl.-Ing. Dimitri Hamidi is a senior application engineer at MathWorks focusing on FPGA design, signal & image processing as well as sensor fusion & tracking.
He studied electrical and information technology engineering at the Technical University of Munich.
Prior to Joining MathWorks he was as a research associate at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), worked for FEI as FPGA engineer and was algorithm engineer in Continental’s advanced engineering dept. –ADAS & AD.

Dr. Tjorben Groß works as a senior application engineer at the MathWorks, focusing on verification and validation methods in the context of functional safety. At MathWorks he has been supporting customers in a wide range of industries, focusing on making embedded software safe and secure. Before joining MathWorks, he was involved in different development projects at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics in Kaiserslautern, e.g. on safety monitoring of power generator shafts. 

Product Focus

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