Modeling and Simulation of mBAJA and eBAJA All-Terrain Vehicles

Date Time
4 Nov 2020
5:00 AM EST


In this 90-minute webinar, you will learn how MATLAB and Simulink can be used to develop All-Terrain Vehicles. Initially, we will demonstrate how to model a mBAJA All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) using physical blocks available in Simscape. Further, we will focus on modeling an eBAJA vehicle powered by a BLDC motor. I addition, we will explore drive cycle simulations that could be useful for component sizing and selection.


  • Modeling of mBAJA vehicle
  • Modeling and control of eBAJA vehicle powered by a BLDC motor
  • Estimation of unknown vehicle parameters
  • Simulation of BAJA drive cycle
  • CAD Import

About the Presenters

Dr. Veer Alakshendra

Veer is a technical evangelist at MathWorks India. He focuses on working with student teams in the adoption of MATLAB® and Simulink® in automotive and robotics competitions. While pursuing his Ph.D. from VNIT Nagpur in robotics, he primarily focused on kinematics, dynamics, control design, vibration, and optimization. Veer holds a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering from Aeronautical Society of India and a master's degree in mechatronics from NITK Surathkal.

Mr Ramana Anchuri

Ramana is an Engineer from the Education Team at The MathWorks, working with academia in India. He completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Masters in Power Electronics from JNTU Hyderabad. Prior to joining The MathWorks, he worked for academia and in industry. He worked with KPIT Pune as senior software engineer where he is responsible for control design for automotive engine systems and with CYIENT limited as senior software engineer responsible for developing, verifying and validating aircraft engine control systems. He is passionate about teaching and learning, and his current interests include Power Electronics and Control Design, Model Based Design and Code Generation.

Product Focus

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