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Part 3: Operationalizing the Smart Factory setup


Operationalizing AI based algorithms and control logics on cloud and controllers is a key step in realizing the ‘Smart Factory’ setup. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Deployment of deep learning algorithms on edge devices/integration with an enterprise system
  • Creation of an app that can be used in the field and deployed on the cloud
  • Using Simulink to integrate AI models
  • Automatically generating C/C++ code
  • Uploading or deploying algorithms on industrial controllers such as PLC

About the Presenters

Jayanth Balaji Avanashilingam

Jayanth Balaji Avanashilingam works as an Application Engineer at MathWorks in the area of Language of Technical Computing. He primarily focuses on areas of Data Analytics for the application involving with Time-Series data. Jayanth has around 6 years of research and industrial experience, where he was working developing AI/ML/DL solutions for various application areas, such as retail optimization, computer vision and Natural Language Processing. Prior to joining MathWorks Jayanth was working as Senior AI Engineer at Impact Analytics, Bangalore.

Jayanth holds Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering, Master’s degree in Very Large Scale Integration Design and currently he is pursuing his doctoral research with the thesis titled “Investigations into Faster Training of Deep Learning Algorithms for Modelling Time-Series”.

Ramanuja Jagannathan

Ramanuja Jagannathan is an Application Engineer at MathWorks India and works in the fields of control design, physical modelling, and digital twin. He has worked with MathWorks for four years and is interested to hear about challenging engineering problems from customers and help them build digital twin solutions. Before joining MathWorks, he was a Senior Engineer at Larsen and Toubro. He specialized in Process Control Engineering in his master’s programme at National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India.

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Operationalizing the Smart Factory setup

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