Rapid Control Prototyping for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Control

Date Time
27 Aug 2020
5:30 AM EDT
27 Aug 2020
9:00 AM EDT
27 Aug 2020
2:00 PM EDT


This webinar will show you how to develop and test field-oriented control (FOC) algorithms for a PMSM operating at a 20kHz inverter switching frequency. A MathWorks engineers will show you how to go from control algorithms developed in Simulink to performing Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) using Simulink Real-Time on a Speedgoat Real-Time Target Machine.  You will learn how to prepare the control algorithms for real-time testing, generate code and download them to the Speedgoat Real-Time Target Machine, interact with the motor and inverter from Simulink, and import test results into MATLAB for analysis.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Review performance of closed-loop motor control algorithms in Simulink
  • Deploy and test controls algorithm in real-time on Speedgoat hardware
  • Connect and interact with motor and inverter hardware from Simulink
  • Estimate parameters using data collected from the motor
  • Log data and tune parameters while the test is running in real-time
  • Automate real-time testing with Simulink Test

Please allow approximately 45 minutes to attend the presentation and Q&A session. We will be recording this webinar, so if you can't make it for the live broadcast, register and we will send you a link to watch it on-demand. 

About the Presenter

Chirag Patel works with engineers in control system design to streamline the transition from desktop simulations to real-time testing and hardware-in-loop (HIL) testing. Prior to joining MathWorks, Chirag worked at Lucid Motors, where he led the efforts of adopting Model-Based Design for electric powertrain, developed algorithms for battery management system for Formula-E and built HIL test systems for vehicle control systems. While at the Cessna Aircraft Company, Chirag developed simulations for electro-hydraulics systems, built iron bird test rigs for anti-skid brake systems, and designed integrated environmental control system for business jets. Chirag received Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) from Sardar Patel University, India and M.S degree (Control Systems) from Wichita State University, Kansas, USA.  

Product Focus

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