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AI for BioPharma Webinar Series


This MathWorks AI for BioPharma webinar series demonstrates end-to-end MATLAB workflows for modelling, simulation, and analysis of pharmaceutical and biomedical data sets.  Starting with the raw data in each case, we show how to import and organise the data, develop and fit appropriate models for the data, and use the models to gain insight via simulation and analysis.

We focus on three case studies that showcase a broad range of mathematical methods and techniques relevant for general pharmaceutical and biomedical applications of MATLAB.


  • Importing and organising data using suitable MATLAB data types
  • Nonlinear regression and surface fitting for observed experimental data
  • Applied optimisation techniques
  • Monte Carlo simulations for uncertainty quantification and analysis
  • Image processing and autoencoder feature extraction
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22 Nov 2022

Beyond Excel: Enhancing Drug Interaction Analysis with MATLAB

Antti Löytynoja, MathWorks
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6 Dec 2022

Batch Process Optimization with MATLAB

Paul Huxel, MathWorks
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7 Dec 2022

Anomaly Detection using Image Processing and Deep Learning

Ken Deeley, MathWorks
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AI for BioPharma Webinar Series