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Smart Factory Webinar Series

In this four-part ‘Smart Factory’ webinar series, you will learn:

Overview of Smart factory

  • Key trends in Industry 4.0
  • Benefits and opportunities smart manufacturing brings in the entire product lifecycle (e.g., optimization of the supply chain, efficient production, and recyclability)

“How” to get started on this transformational journey of ‘Traditional -> Smart factory’

  • Using AI for condition monitoring & quality inspection
  • Applying models and simulation to control complex systems
  • Developing and implementing embedded software without manual coding
  • Operationalizing AI algorithms and control logics on cloud and controllers
  • Automating factory setup with robotics

Benefits of using MATLAB

  • Engineers can leverage their domain expertise without becoming programmers
  • MATLAB integration with opensource and other platforms
  • Ease of algorithm deployment wherever it needs to be without recoding
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05 October 2021

3:00 PM IST

Part 1: Role of AI in Smart Factories View on-Demand Webinar

06 October 2021

3:00 PM IST

Part 2: Design and Commissioning of Robots in Smart Factory View on-Demand Webinar

07 October 2021

3:00 PM IST

Part 3: Operationalizing the Smart Factory setup View on-Demand Webinar

20 October 2021

10:00 AM IST

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