Using ThingSpeak for IoT in Agriculture


ThingSpeak is an IoT analytics platform service from MathWorks®. With ThingSpeak, you can easily work with agricultural data from devices such as weather stations and moisture sensors. ThingSpeak allows you to

  • Instantly visualise your streaming data
  • Perform online analysis and processing of your data using MATLAB code
  • Trigger reactions such as an email, or use other 3rd party services like Twilio® or Twitter®

Your device or application can communicate with ThingSpeak using a REST API or MQTT API. In addition, several vendors have built integrations to ThingSpeak to make setup even easier, e.g., The Things Network.  ThingSpeak allows you to aggregate and visualize these live data streams in the cloud with minimal development effort. Simple web-based dashboards to monitor the streaming data can be created without setting up servers or developing web software.  With the ability to run regularly scheduled MATLAB® code in ThingSpeak, you can also apply advanced online processing as the data streams in, and then react with an email or tweet based on the outcome of the analysis. 

In this webinar, we will provide a broad overview of the ThingSpeak service and how it interacts with MATLAB. We’ll also demonstrate the basic steps to setup a ThingSpeak channel to visualise your data and setup a reaction.


  • Learn about the ThingSpeak web site and web service.
  • Send your data to ThingSpeak and easily create dashboards
  • Analyse your data using MATLAB and trigger a reaction

About the Presenter

Daryl Ning is a Principal Applications Engineer with MathWorks Australia. For over a decade, Daryl has supported MATLAB users from diverse industries working in the areas of data analytics, signal/image processing, and computer vision. He received both his Ph.D. and B. Eng. in electrical engineering from the Queensland University of Technology, where he also spent a year working as a research assistant. Daryl's former research was primarily in the field of speech and audio processing for biometrics and compression.

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