Staffing Agencies

Interested in supporting our hiring efforts? Read on.

We appreciate your interest in supporting MathWorks!

We have many open positions on our website but only a select few will need external agency support at any given time, and for these we would welcome submittals of qualified candidates. Our process requires external agencies to work hand-in-hand with our recruiting team on very specific job openings, which ensures a high level of quality for all parties during each candidate interaction.

How does it work?

All agencies that support our hiring efforts are required to have a current agreement in place prior to submitting qualified candidates. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to follow the signup process for the country you are interested in supporting. MathWorks staffing vendors are required to use our online Agency Portal which allows a streamlined and confidential submittal process, and provides real-time access to applicant activity status within our system.

International Staffing Agencies

Support our international positions (contact HR in our local offices)

U.S. Staffing Agencies

  1. Click the link below to review our agreement, provide your contact information, and enter some keywords which describe your agency’s core domain areas so we know what you’re good at.
  2. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process our automated system will alert the appropriate recruiters that a staffing agency has indicated interest in supporting their area.
  3. If a recruiter is not immediately responsive, don’t be concerned. This means that the recruiter in your area doesn’t have an immediate need for support, but we will always keep your profile details on hand for future reference.
  4. Don’t worry about continuously having to ping our recruiters for current needs. When a recruiter has a need requiring external assistance they’ll look in for agency profiles which match their area and they’ll contact you directly to discuss specific positions.

Support our US-based positions