Working from Home at MathWorks

Remote work quickly became common for many companies this past year, and MathWorks is no different. Instead of regularly commuting to the office, staff members are attending online meetings and discovering new, fun ways to connect virtually with colleagues. Many of us miss the state-of-the-art campuses and amenities such as on-site fitness centers, fancy coffee machines, and game rooms, but for now we’re making the most of this unusual time and enjoying what we have right at home.

Here Are Some of Our Stories

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My cats and dogs are very pleased with the turn of events. At least once a day, they make sure to stomp all over my working area. This photo captures the moment they decided to gang up on me and let me know it was time to get away from the computer. Working from home sometimes means forgetting you’re sitting/staring at a screen too long, so it’s helpful to have someone who makes sure you’re taking breaks!


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Working from home full time was never something I imagined having to do, let alone applying for a job during a pandemic, interviewing remotely, and getting to know my new colleagues over video calls. But I truly won’t forget how welcoming, kind, supportive, and understanding the people at MathWorks have been. It really shows just how much we’re invested in and cared for here.


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While I love the amenities of my MathWorks office, you just can’t beat the fresh air, scenic views, and tranquility I get while taking calls from my backyard. In the early days of the quarantine, I was simultaneously parenting young children and managing projects. Sometimes that meant working however, whenever, and wherever I could. MathWorks has fully supported whatever arrangements I’ve asked for and given me significant flexibility in my work hours and my (sometimes creative) workspace.


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Sammy is not generally the most social bird. In fact, she doesn’t like to come out of her cage very much. But since we have been spending more time at home recently, we have been able to coax her out with us more. I won’t say that she enjoys helping me work, but at least she tolerates it!


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Our daughter was born back in May and isn’t always a fan of being put down. This was an example of a time when my wife had to quickly do something, and so I offered to hold the baby for a few minutes while I started a call. I usually use audio only when that happens, but my colleagues Jim and Matt wanted a quick look so I turned on the camera. I think she just likes the colors and lights of the computer screens.


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While I do miss being in the office with my friends and colleagues, one change I’ve enjoyed about working from home is being able to take a walk every day, sometimes to pick up a book at the library, browse plants at the local garden center, or even visit the lovely nearby wildlife sanctuary. My husband often joins me on these outings, and one of our favorite spots to pause for a few minutes is a bridge where we can watch the sunset. Having the time to relax, reconnect, and re-energize has been wonderful.