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AUTOSAR-Compliant Development Workflows: From Architecture to Implementation

By Guido Sandmann and Michael Seibt, MathWorks

Many OEMs and suppliers have established processes that are project-proven, flexible, and efficient for developing AUTOSAR-compliant applications. These development processes require tools that support requirements management, system architecture development, Model-Based Design, and verification and validation. Interoperability of these tools is essential for the timely completion of high-quality projects.

To realize, test, and implement software components, software component description files can be exported from system architecture tools and imported into tools for Model-Based Design. The challenge of these processes is to ensure consistent data exchange between phases without losing or corrupting design information. This paper describes the interoperability of tools that support Model-Based Design and that are used to create software architectures. Specifically, this paper shows the mechanisms defined by AUTOSAR and outlines how to verify and validate these designs at different stages in the workflow.

Copyright © 2012 by The MathWorks, Inc. Published by SAE International, with permission.

This paper was presented at SAE World Congress.

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Published 2012

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