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MathWorks Spotlights: MATLAB Central Newsreader Enhancements and other announcements

MATLAB Central Newsreader Enhancements

Since 1993, users of MathWorks products have been sharing ideas and answering technical questions on comp.soft-sys.matlab. As the newsgroup’s scale and scope have expanded, it has become increasingly challenging to read and sort the content.

When the MATLAB Central team asked users how the newsgroup could be improved, they consistently heard requests to categorize the information that was already there. In response to those requests, the team added features such as sorting, custom RSS feeds, filters, and search to help readers zero in on specific content and filter out the rest.

One of the newsreader’s most powerful new features is keyword tagging. Tagging lets registered users add their own labels to specific threads. For example, you might tag a thread that discusses how to use Simulink to optimize a DC motor as “how to,” “Simulink,” “optimization,” or “DC Motor.” Because your keyword tags are public, the entire community can use them to find and sort content.

With tagging, the collective wisdom of MATLAB Central’s readers sorts and categorizes the site’s content—the community decides how best to organize and view newsgroup threads.

A tag cloud, a graphical depiction of common tags highlighting the most recent and most popular tags.

Simulink Supports AUTOSAR

Engineers can use Simulink and Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder to import and export AUTOSAR Software Component descriptions and generate AUTOSAR-compliant production code in one integrated environment. Simulink supports AUTOSAR (automotive open-system architecture) using model configuration settings rather than AUTOSAR-specific blocks. As a result, a single Simulink model can be used as a golden reference for simulation, rapid prototyping, and production code generation in both AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR environments.

Curriculum Exchange

The Curriculum Exchange provides links to course materials based on MATLAB and Simulink developed by instructors in math, engineering, and science programs worldwide. To share course materials on the Curriculum Exchange, visit

Selecting Simulation Modes in SimElectronics

With SimElectronics, you can balance the trade-off between model fidelity and simulation speed by changing the simulation mode for Controlled PWM Voltage and H-Bridge blocks. Averaged mode results in faster simulations by driving your system with an averaged voltage, while PWM mode adds more detail to your model by driving your system with a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal.

Compartmental Modeling in SimBiology

Introduced in SimBiology Release 2008a, compartmental modeling enables researchers to create pharmacokinetic models and use them to calculate important drug characteristics, such as toxicity and dosing regimens.

Published 2008