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Every day, more than 75,000 MATLAB® and Simulink® users from around the world visit MATLAB Central to access thousands of files, links, and discussion threads on a dizzying variety of technical topics and in several languages.

Launched in 2001, MATLAB Central is a forum where registered users share success stories, test theories, and interact with MathWorks technical experts and each other. Community members also suggest product improvements—for example, 3D surface fitting capability similar to Polyfit and Polyval, was added to Curve Fitting Toolbox™ as a direct result of a user suggestion.

Users can add tags to threads or files that the entire MATLAB Central community can use to sort content.

When you have a technical problem, a community member may already have done work that can help you solve it. This content could be available in a wide variety of formats. To get the most useful results, it’s best not to confine your search to one area of MATLAB Central but to explore every area.

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File Exchange

Freely downloadable code, PDFs, and other file types contributed by users and developers of MATLAB, Simulink, and related products.

The file GridBagLayout contains a MATLAB class that enables developers to design complex GUIs without calculations or complex code.

Link Exchange

Links to videos, tutorials, e-books, and other Web content. Links can be sorted by topic, date submitted, and most clicked.

The book MATLAB: Advanced GUI Development spans topics from Handle Graphics® programming to multiple-figure GUI design. One user called it a “good GUI book with accessible MATLAB files” and gave it a five-star rating.


Weekly commentary from the people who design and build MathWorks products. Learn new techniques, discover features, and chat about the latest product developments.

In “Widgetpalooza: 12 widgets coded up in a GUI,” blogger Doug Hull provides a video tutorial testing every widget on the example GUI. Reader comments and questions are also included.


An open forum for everyone in the MATLAB and Simulink universe, with more than 1500 threads.

One user requested help plotting multiple graphs on a single plot using a GUI and, with the help of his fellow community members, was able to get his program up and running.
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Published 2009

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