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Developing Traffic Jam Alleviation Technology for Android

Shockwave damping software helps restore traffic flow after sudden braking incidents.

Quantifying Cell Scattering for Cancer Drug Research

Automated, MATLAB based analyses enable OSI researchers to measure the ability of drugs in development to inhibit cancer metastasis.

Heart-on-a Chip for Real-Time Closed-Loop Testing of Pacemakers

University of Pennsylvania's heart-on-a-chip can simulate a variety of heart conditions for early verification of pacemaker software.

Teaching Model-Based Design at Politecnico di Torino

Future engineers learn embedded systems development through classroom lectures and seminars given by local industry experts.

Automating Image Registration with MATLAB

A fever-detection example illustrates an intensity-based image registration workflow.

Writing Apps in MATLAB

Use this simple guide to write apps from scratch with object-oriented programming.


Cleve’s Corner: Simulating blackjack with MATLAB

Cleve’s Corner

The Gatlinburg and Householder symposia

Tips and Tricks: Writing MATLAB functions with flexible calling syntax

Tips and Tricks

Smart signal routing in Simulink

Teaching and Learning Resources: Project-based learning

Teaching and Learning Resources

Student competitions

MATLAB and Simulink in the World: Financial services

MATLAB and Simulink in the World

Connecting to hardware

Third-Party Products

Embedded HMI development

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