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Tokyo University of Science Provides Campus-Wide Access to MATLAB and Simulink

Students now have access on campus and their own computers

Tokyo, Japan - (8 Sep 2014)

MathWorks today announced that Japan's Tokyo University of Science will now provide MATLAB and Simulink to students and faculty campus-wide. The Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license enables the school community to access the tools on both university-managed and student-owned computers for research and classes. The license also provides access to 51 additional products from MathWorks for a range of applications including data analysis, signal and image processing, code generation, financial engineering and computer bioinformatics. With software access no longer limited by place and time, students can now use MATLAB and Simulink tools in unique learning opportunities, including such approaches as project-based learning and the inverted classroom.

Since its founding in 1881, the Tokyo University of Science has provided superior professional education in the fields of science, pharmacy and engineering, producing numerous graduates who have supported Japanese scientific and technological advancement. Prior to the TAH license, MATLAB and Simulink were being used as research and classroom tools, which prompted the university to consider expanding access to student-owned computers. Now, with MATLAB and Simulink on student-owned computers, Tokyo University of Science continues to prepare students for their careers in alignment with the university’s founding principle of “building a better future with science.” 

”MATLAB and Simulink are industry-standard tools, especially for data analytics, visualization and engineering simulation”, said Seiichiro Hangai, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Division I, and Chief Information Officer, Tokyo University of Science. “At TUS, there are 17 engineering departments and 13 engineering majors. Providing access to MATLAB and Simulink not only in the computer terminal room or labs, but also on student-owned computers, will facilitate more sophisticated education and more efficient research. The TAH license will strengthen our pursuit of global recognition for teaching and research excellence.”

“MathWorks is pleased to support the university's learning environment and contribute to building a skilled future workforce through teaching and research activities for science, pharmacy and engineering," said Toshi Nashizawa, MathWorks Japan MD. "The expanded accessibility to MathWorks products, combined with workshops and self-paced online training, will benefit students through enhanced knowledge and skills as well as improved career prospects."

MATLAB and Simulink product families are used as fundamental computational tools by the world’s educational institutions. The products have been adopted by more than 5,000 universities and are used as an effective tool for learning, teaching, and research in engineering and science. More details can be found at

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Tokyo University of Science

Tokyo University of Science established in 1881 with “Building a Better Future with Science” founding principles. While maintaining the tradition of meritocracy, Tokyo University of Science provide a liberal arts education that cultivates a broad perspective, as well as basic and cutting-edge specialized education in the fields of science, pharmacy, and engineering as a comprehensive science and  technology university. Objective of Tokyo University of Science is to nurture science and technology professionals equipped not only with specialized knowledge, but also a well-rounded education and high ethical standards, and good character and international perspectives, as well as continuing our proud tradition of developing educators in math and sciences who have a track record in those fields.