MATLAB Examples

Import MIMO LTI Model into Simulink

This model shows how to use an LTI System block to represent a MIMO linear system in Simulink®.

The LTI System block has one input and one output, even when you specify a MIMO model for the block. In that case, the block input and output become vector signals. For instance, the model LTISystemBlockMIMO uses an LTI system block to represent a MIMO plant in a control system.

In this model, the LTI System specified in the block is Gm, a 2-output, 2-input transfer function model stored in the model workspace. A Mux block combines the two controller outputs into a vector signal for the LTI System block input. Similarly, a Demux block separates the vector output of the LTI System block into two scalar signals.

Simulate the model, and examine the result in the scope.

This example simulates a closed-loop system response to a t = 50 s step at the first input and a t = 150 s step at the second input. You can use the LTI system block anywhere you want to insert an LTI system into a Simulink model.