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Generate C API Data Definition File for Exchanging Data with a Target System

This model illustrates the target-based C API for interfacing signals, parameters, and states in the generated code.


Open Example Model

Open the example model rtwdemo_capi.


The C API is useful for real-time interaction with application data, without having to stop execution or recompile the generated code. Typically, a client/server protocol is set up from a host to a target using serial, TCP/IP, or dual-port memory connection. The purpose of this example is not the client/server protocol. Rather, this model shows the necessary data interface required by the C client/server programs.

You enable the C API by selecting one or more C API options on the Code Generation > Interface pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. Any signal or parameter or state with an addressable storage class is placed in the C API data structure in model_capi.c. Note that signals, states, and parameters in the referenced model can be accessed using C API. So make sure that C API is enabled for the referenced model.