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Create a Host-Based ASAM-ASAP2 Data Definition File for Data Measurement and Calibration

This model shows ASAP2 data export. ASAP2 is a data definition standard proposed by the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM).


Open Example Model

Open the example model rtwdemo_asap2.


ASAP2 is a non-object-oriented description of the data used for measurement, calibration, and diagnostics systems. For more information on ASAM and the ASAP2 standard, see the ASAM Web site:

ASAP2 data definition is achieved with Simulink® data objects and test point signals. Using the Target Language Compiler (TLC), you can create highly customized solutions for your application. See the Simulink Coder® documentation for details on ASAP2 file generation.

You can configure ASAP2 file generation by selecting ASAP2 interface on the Code Generation > Interface pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box.