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RunningLeds.m demo example.

Description: The aim of this example is to show some of the methods of causing the LEDs to light. The first part of the code is where red, green and blue LEDs chase anti-clockwise around the Engduino, getting gradually faster until they blur into white.

When going sufficiently fast, we display red green and blue on all LEDs. After that code rests back to initial state and repeat the execution.

July 2014, Engduino team:


Initialize variables

% Check if the Engduino object already exists. Otherwise initialize it.
if (~exist('e', 'var'))
    % Create Engduino object and open COM port. You do not need to select
    % an active COM port, as it should be detected automatically. However,
    % in the case of unsuccessful connection, you may initialize Engduino
    % object with passing the active COM port. E.g. e = engduino('COM8');
    % To open the 'Bluetooth' port you need to initialize the Engduino
    % object with the 'Bluetooth' keyword and your Bluetooth device name.
    % E.g. e = engduino('Bluetooth', 'HC-05'); Demo mode can be enabled by
    % initialize the Engduino object with 'demo' keyword. E.g. e =
    % engduino('demo');
    e = engduino();

% Set initial LEDs state
leds = [0, 1, 2];

% Set frequency [Hz]. Steps per second.
frequency = 5;

Main loop

Execute loop until exit condition is met.

disp('You can terminate execution by:')
disp('- Press ''ESC''')
disp('- Press ''q''')
disp('- Press a button on the Engduino board')
disp('- Close the figure')

while ExitCondition([], e, true)

    % Update LEDs by sending command to the Engduino board.
    e.setLedsExact(mod(leds, 16), [e.COLOR_RED, e.COLOR_GREEN, e.COLOR_BLUE]);

    % Update internal 'leds' array holding current state of LEDs.
    leds = leds + [1, 1, 1];

    % Pause for one time interval.

    % Speed-up a bit.
    frequency = frequency + 0.3;

    % Check if the frequency is too high.
    if(frequency > 100)
        % Reset the frequency variable
        frequency = 5;

        % Set all LEDs on red, green and blue colour for a short amount of
        % time (500 milliseconds).