MATLAB Examples

SetLedOnOff.m demo example.

Description: This example shows how to turn on and off an LED using the setLedsOne function call. The function requires first parameter as an integer indication the position of LED and the second variable as the colour

July 2014, Engduino team:


Initialize variables

% Check if the Engduino object already exists. Otherwise initialize it.
if (~exist('e', 'var'))
    % Create Engduino object and open COM port. You do not need to select
    % an active COM port, as it should be detected automatically. However,
    % in the case of unsuccessful connection, you may initialize Engduino
    % object with passing the active COM port. E.g. e = engduino('COM8');
    % To open the 'Bluetooth' port you need to initialize the Engduino
    % object with the 'Bluetooth' keyword and your Bluetooth device name.
    % E.g. e = engduino('Bluetooth', 'HC-05'); Demo mode can be enabled by
    % initialize the Engduino object with 'demo' keyword. E.g. e =
    % engduino('demo');
    e = engduino();


Set Engduino LED on position 0 to red colour and turn off after 3s.


% delay 3s

% Turn off LED