MATLAB Examples

Create or Update PRM

Create or update your roadmap. To create the roadmap, call prm = robotics.PRM(map,__) or specify the Map property on the PRM object. Then, call the update, findpath, or show method. At this point, the nodes are randomly generated and the connections are made.

This roadmap changes only if you call update or change the properties in the PRM object. When properties change, any method (update, findpath, or show) called on the object triggers the roadmap points and connections to be recalculated. Because recalculating the map can be computationally intensive, you can reuse the same roadmap by calling findpath with different starting and ending locations.

Load a map file and create an occupancy grid.

filePath = fullfile(fileparts(which('PathPlanningExample')),'data','exampleMaps.mat');
map = robotics.BinaryOccupancyGrid(simpleMap,2);

Create a roadmap. Your nodes and connections might look different due to the random placement of nodes.

prm = robotics.PRM(map,100);

Call update or change a parameter to update the PRM nodes and connections.


% The PRM algorithm recalculates the node placement and generates a new network of nodes.