MATLAB Examples

Benchmark the Client Machine

This example runs a MATLAB® benchmark that has been modified for the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and executes it on the client machine. Fluctuations of 5 or 10 percent in the measured times of repeated runs on a single machine are not uncommon.

This benchmark is intended to compare the performance of one particular version of MATLAB on different machines. It does not offer direct comparisons between different versions of MATLAB. The tasks and problem sizes change from version to version.

For details about the benchmark, view the code for pctdemo_task_bench.

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Load the Example Settings and the Data

We obtain the number of benchmark repetitions from the setup function. Note that the example difficulty level has no effect on the computations we perform in this example. You can view the code for pctdemo_setup_bench for full details.

difficulty = pctdemo_helper_getDefaults();
[fig, count] = pctdemo_setup_bench(difficulty);

Benchmark Our Machine

We run the benchmark on our machine and calculate the mean time the benchmarks take. You can view the code for pctdemo_task_bench for full details.

times = pctdemo_task_bench(count);
data = mean(times, 1)';
worker_names = {'localhost'};

Plot the Results

We create a simple bar plot depicting the run times of the benchmark tests. You can view the code for pctdemo_plot_bench for full details.

pctdemo_plot_bench(fig, worker_names, data);