MATLAB Examples

Hydraulic Interface - Dump Trailer with Hydraulic Cylinder

This example shows a dump trailer powered by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder actuates a scissor hoist mechanism that raises and lowers the dump bed. The model provides an example of how to interface Simscape™ Multibody™ components with Simscape so that all mechanical aspects of the system are modeled within Simscape Multibody.

The Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder block in the scissor hoist contains mechanical and hydraulic subsystems. The mechanical subsystem models the piston and barrel. A Prismatic Joint block provides the translational degree of freedom needed for piston extension and retraction. The piston's range of motion is limited at both ends by a Translational Hard Stop custom Simscape block. The hydraulic subsystem contains two Translational Hydromechanical Chamber custom Simscape blocks that model the actuation forces generated in the two fluid chambers. The custom hard stop and chamber blocks output forces based on the position and velocity of the Prismatic Joint.

The Double-Acting Hydraulic Cylinder block and the custom Simscape blocks contained within it are located in the sm_interface_elements_lib supporting library.